Met up with my friend that is currently living in Taipei.  I indicated I wanted to try something local so that’s why she did!!  The restaurant is not fancy by any means.  Getting here is quite easy though. You just have to get off at the 忠孝敦化(leave a comment if you have trouble finding this on the MRT Map in Taipei).  Get off at exit 8 and keep going straight, until you see the following street sign



Once you see this road sign, the restaurant is just around the corner! You can easily miss this place as it’s not located in the big streets, and doesn’t have any bright lights to attract people to it.  Actually, there is no restaurant sign either!  This is the picture of the restaurant:


Here, we ordered beef noodles, veggies, and chinese style meat (I don’t know what it’s called in English, I only know what it is in chinese haha).  The food was good!  The atmosphere is definitely more local.  We were sitting outside on wooden benches, which adds to the experience!


The total damage came up to 200NTD for three dishes and a beer, so it’s not too bad!  Try it out if you have a chance!

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