Yum…curry crab.  On the last day in Shanghai, our finance director was nice enough to bring us out for lunch.  We went to a local Shanghai restaurant called 食神锅.  i don’t think there is actually an English name, but the translation literally is “Eating God Pot”.  The address in chinese is 徐汇区 漕宝路124号和颐酒店1楼(近桂林路), and again I can’t find the address in english.  But if you want to check it out, you probably will only need the chinese address since the cabbies won’t know english there.  It is located in Xu Jia Hui, if that helps.


So what we ordered was a set lunch, that consisted of over 10 dishes.  We had a wide variety of meat, vegetables and seafood.  The service was also really good, as the staff members were nice and explained each dish as to what was made of and how it was made.

This is a interesting combination.  Fried fruit at the bottom, beef patty in the middle, and cheese on top.  Almost felt like I was eating a double down from KFC! (of course this was much better haha)

Now isn’t this cool.  We were served this drink where it helps soothe your throat.  I don’t know what it is called unfortunately, but it’s a little bit sweet (i.e honey), and a little thick but not milk shake thick.  Definitely was a good way to end the meal.  The glasses were also pretty awesome!  Never drank from one of glasses before


Overall, good meal.  Kudos to our finance director for bringing us to such a cool place! And finally, the entrance of the restaurant:


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  1. What I ate in Shanghai!!- 食神锅

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