Tian Zi Fang is a district that sells food, arts and crafts, clothes.  It also has a lot of bars here! To get here simply tell the cabbie to go to 泰康路 (Tai Kang Lu), and then say you want to go to the entrace of Tian Zi Fan.  They should know since it’s a pretty popular place.  Once you get there you should be able to see the above entrance (TIP, don’t worry if you didn’t bring enough cash, there is a HSBC just across the street!).


A little bit of history, this place was built back in the 1930s and has remained very local until only in the early 2000s when it became a tourist attraction.  A lot of attention was brought to this place because of it’s old architecture, as compared to the mostly commercial zones in rest of Shanghai.  This place apparently has over 200 bars, restaurants and boutiques for you to divulge in.  We had dinner plans so only was able to spend two hours here, but I think you can spend at least half a day if you really go through each shop in detail.

This place definitely had a difference feel as to the rest of shanghai.  The alleyways were packed with people, who were either shopping or drinking at the bars.  Here’s a couple of pictures:



Tian Zi Fang is also known for it’s pretty cool bars.  We ended up in one bar where the theme was home.  It was a very cozy bar, with a lot of couches and cushion.  Initially, we climbed in the ladder to the second level of the restaurant (see picture below) and wanted to drink there, but it was really hot (for some reason Shanghai people don’t like AC), so we opted to back down and just drank at the main area.


If you are visiting Shanghai, this a must go to place!


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  1. Beautiful. If you find any objects that are interesting in Shanghai to photograph, feel free to submit them to my blog if you are interested in publication.

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