Jiang Guo (Pin Yin version of the restaurant name) is a small, very home style restaurant.  It’s located in 中國上海市徐匯區建國西路328號 in the heart of Xu Hui.  The style of cuisine, of course is Shanghai food.   We ordered the typical Shanghai food, the very fatty pork (see next picture).  Also ordered some type of roll and of course chicken! (pictures above).  The restaurant is much better than Yuan Yuan in my opinion.



The fatty pork was fat, but not as fat as the one in Yuan Yuan.  So I’d like it more.  I don’t think eating fat will actually make you fat, but I think it clogs up your arteries so I didn’t eat as much of it.

Warning! For tall people you have to watch your head.  This is like a house with a very low ceiling.  There were times when i almost bumped into some lights.  This restaurant must have been for hobbits.


Us sharing a veggie dish..haha.



This restaurant was ranked 58 out of 12,500 restaurants.  And there is a reason.  The food was good, and the restaurant itself wasn’t like your typical fine dining.  Very local feel.  Hope you have a chance to try it!!

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