Wow, Tainan has such good food.  I think it even surpasses Taipei in terms of flavor.  Tainan used to be a a city that exported sugar, that’s why all the food is a bit sweet.  Whatever, not complaining.  One thing you must order when you are in Tainan is the Eel Noodle (鱔魚意麵).


I really don’t think you can go wrong with any restaurant that has this in Tainan.  Just go for one that has a lot of people in it =p

but just in case you were wondering, the name of the restaurant and address is in the following pictures:



What was really cool about this experience was that the chef was right beside you cooking. AKA open kitchen, asian style.  Pretty funny because at one point I saw the chef smoking while cooking our noodles. Talk about being local.


I told you, I was not joking.


Both Daisy and Wendi loved this dish.  For me, I am usually not a big eel fan but maybe because of my sweet cravings, I really liked how the fish tasted.  I really recommend you to try this if you are ever in Tainan.

Actually you should try all sorts food, because Tainan is known to be the culinary center of Taiwan!

Happy eating!

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