Another post about beef noodles.  Hope you don’t get bored of it.  But it’s really the love of my life.

Beef noodles.

And this one, was So Damn Good!


Located in Tainan, I for some stupid reason did not take a picture of the address.  And now I have forgotten.  However, I did take a picture of the front of the restaurant, which looks like this:2

Why did I like this sooo much? because of the awesome soup base.  I think when the soup bases are darker, you know it’s a good indication this is going to be a good meal.

Or maybe I am just a bit biased towards this kind of soup base.

It costed us about 100NTD per person, and I wished they did give us more meat (I got about 5 small pieces).  But really, the champion here is the soup base,and of course my belly.

Feed my belly Tainan!

hah i just googled this restaurant and i found the address!

Restaurant Name : 阿銘牛肉麵

Address: 台南市中西區民權路二段270

Participants: Kelly and Daisy


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