Welcome to one of the biggest and most popular night markets in Kaohsiung.  We had a lot of night market during our trip in Taiwan, but doesn’t mean we have to stop.  True to our eating selves, we ate A LOT of food.  I mean A LOT.

let’s go straight to the food pictures shall we?



Sticky tofu.  I don’t remember when was the last time I ordered stinky tofu, but I was feeling adventurous that night, and I was waiting for my friends to finish getting their food so I decided to give it a try.  It’s not bad! Actually…I might even say…I liked it.  It smelled like foot, but it tasted good.

I guess that’s why people like Durian.


Chicken skewers.  Love chicken, and love it when it’s grilled on a skewer.   Needed meat, did not want carbs.  Perfect combo.


Duck meat.  Had duck meat when I was in Tainan, and was craving for some more.  Ordered this!


I didn’t have this, nor do I remember what it is lol.  But I took a picture for a reason, because it looked really interesting at the moment.  Oh well, next time I’ll come back and eat this.



7We ordered sausages because we were hungry and this was one of the first stands that we saw.  It was juicy……yummm…..


Egg omelette with oyster, Taiwan style.  This is a pretty popular dish so you should order it.  Note to self, this one was sooo much better than the ones in Taipei.  My opinion? People in the south know how to eat.


This is the main entrance of the night market.  Getting here is really easy, just take the MRT and get off at “Kaohsiung Arena” station, or 巨蛋站.  haha, in chinese this means Mega Egg.  Random I know.

Happy eating =)

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