Let’s make Guangzhou fun! No seriously i need to find fun things to do here since I will be coming quite a bit in the coming months.


Did some research and talked to some people.  They told me I should check out the pedestrian street called Shangxiajiu.  It’s a commercial street, meaning there is a lot of stores.  They were selling a lot of brands that I have never heard of.  They had a store selling nba gear…but the logos was nothing like the logos you usually see…..I do not know if its a fake store or not.


The street itself was nothing too special to be honest…just a lot of shops.  Not a lot of restaurants either. Well it was all chain restaurants…so we didnt bother eating there.

Not sure if I will come here again….:p But is about a 10 minute walk from the office..maybe I’ll come by during eat some ramen haha.


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