I am sure there is a english name for this restaurant.  I just can’t find it.  Or maybe it’s a secret.  Who cares, I will give you the address and you go FIND IT NOW! 土瓜灣北帝街27號C地下 …

Shouldn’t be so forceful.  But I’m doing this for your own good.  Why? Because the lamb leg is so epic.

I have never seen an entire lamb leg served in front of us.

Okay background story first.  It was Justin’s birthday and him being the meat lover decided to go to this Xinjiang place.  Good choice my bro.

The lamb leg? Good choice my bro.

Tip though – you need to pre-order the lamb leg 2 – 3 days ahead of time, because…they need to get the leg. And they need to prepare it.

It’s a huge leg.  Aside from the huge leg, we also ordered some veggies.

Also ordered curry because I am currently craving curry every day.  But really the main character of this post is the lamb.

Here’s a photo of the lamb leg all chopped up:

And here’s another photo of the lamb leg, in tact (again). haha

I would definitely come here again, for the leg alone. Yummmmm.


Written from Guangzhou, Westin on May 18 2015


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