After my brief stint in Malaysia, I realize I really their food.  So when we came across this Malaysian restaurant in Shanghai I knew I had to go in and eat their food.

We ordered quite a bit for two people I think, but we were both hungry so what the hell!



We ordered the Hainan Chicken because it was suppose to be one of their most popular dishes, and yes it was pretty good! The chicken wasn’t rough, and the sauce was good.


We also ordered this weird vegetable that seems to only exist in Shanghai.  Don’t ask me what it is. I never order it.  The shape is kind of weird, and it’s very crunchy.  Not sure if I am eating a real vegetable.  It is China afterall.


We also ordered the “pork bone soup” which was sooo good.  A bit different from the Singapore version, this one had more vegetables in it as I recall.  Still the broth was really tasty.  Will order again.

Also ordered skewers.  Meh.  The beef was really tough.  Didn’t like this one as much.  Think next time we will just go back to the chicken and the pork bone soup.

Oh we also ordered coconut juice, their coconuts were soooooo fresh.  Oh my god.  Craving for a coconut as well.

Don’t know what their address is because everything in China is harder to find.  I will give you the address (in chinese of course:)


Hope you have a chance to try it!

Written from Shanghai, Renaissance on September 19 2015

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