Errr sorry. I can not find the english name of this japanese restaurant. It translates to “black direction”, sometimes I feel like there’s a reason why these restaurants don’t have an english name. Black Direction doesn’t exactly sound appetizing.


I mean think about it, let’s go to “Black Direction” to have Japanese food. In China. that’s the wrong direction you’re going buddy.
But since we are asian we went anyways.

When we sat down, the waitress asked us if we wanted to do all you can eat. WHATTTTT! I wanted to say yes….but since I was eating with my colleagues it was an automatic no. We were going to eat from “A La Carte” because we are so fancy.
I am going to come here next time to eat all you can eat. I like all you can eat.
Anyways, we ordered the steak (my favorite dish) and also Ox Tongue.  Ox Tongue is damn delicious.  For you people that live in the western hemisphere, try Ox Tongue.  If you are disgusted about it, then just think you are eating beef.  Don’t think about the tongue.


Seriously. It’s good. Try it.

The Sashimi platter was meh.  I’ve had better.  The shrimp was not really fresh in my opinion.  But the cooked food was good.

Had dumplings too, those were good.  Yeah I would come back again.

The location of this restaurant is 中華人民共和國上海市静安区茂名北路65号 (again no english sorry).   Perhaps you can call UBER (Yes I support Uber) and just show them this address!


Written from Hanoi, Sheraton on December 26 2015


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