So who loves Gin?

I DO! I am a big gin and soda fan. Less calories than beers but still get a good buzz. It’s definitely my go to drink nowadays. Gin and Soda. Less sugar as well. So when a friend suggested we check out this gin bar called Ping Pong Gintoneria in Hong Kong…well of course I said yes otherwise this post would not exist.

So this is the story of our adventure to this gin bar.

It was a failure in the beginning. We couldn’t find the damn bar! We walked up and down the street for 10 minutes, googled map, tried asking around and we couldn’t find it. Then something hit me….this place is called Ping Pong..there must be a reason right? Then I saw this ghetto ass looking ping pong store in the middle of the street.


Why is there a ping pong store here? It’s in the middle of nowhere, and I don’t see anyone coming here to play ping pong…so we stared at it for about 5 minutes wondering what the hell is going on. We were about to leave when this old dude walked by and said that’s a bar.

Wow. Thank you old guy.

Went in and BAM wow this is an awesome place! Firstly, no stupid ping pong tables and no ping pong games (I am not interested in Ping Pong).

Secondly, a lot of gin cocktails! But most of them seemed very sweet so I opted for a classic Gin and Soda (for all the reasons noted above).

I originally asked for Hendricks and the waiter looked at me like I am stupid. “We don’t sell brand names here”. Alright, just give me your best gin. Not sure if it was best gin, but it was good nonetheless.

My friend got some fruity gin cocktail. Looked good, not sure if it tasted good.

My conclusion? Drinks are a bit pricey, BUT you really come for the atmosphere, the decor, the surroundings, the experience etc.

Didn’t order any food because it’s damn expensive here, but if you want a quiet place to chat over a drink, this is a great place to go to!







Written from Hong Kong, Home on May 28, 2017

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12 replies

  1. It was a ping pong hall, so they named it after what it used to be back in the day

  2. Interesting! A pingpong bar with no pingpong 🙂

  3. No brand name gin but they are a gin bar? And it was expensive? Interesting.

    How did their “best” gin compare to Hendricks?

  4. what no ping pong? that really sucks!

  5. Ping Pong sucks. Its like sitting in a airport lounge. French people cant do good bars.

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