Chinese New Years!

Lion Dance Team

Happy Chinese New Year! Landed in Toronto last friday, main reason was for the new year.  Did a couple of lion dance runs yesterday and today.  Super tired, is also why I have not moved from my bed since 6PM haha.  Anyways, it was fun two days!


I got videos..will post sometime later.

This restaurant (Following picture) we’ve done for the last 20 years.  Good relationship, and good atmosphere.  Definitely one of my faovurite places to go to perform.


One of the best aspects of CNY?  AYCE dim sum.  The restaurant was very generous in providing this to us, we were starrrvvinnnnggg.

Saw a lot of  people the last week.  Will be here for another week before i fly have to do all the things i can not in HK (like eating Harveys) haha.  But man, it’s gotten so much colder in Toronto .. brrrrrrrr…

Anyways been not posing as much, been lazy.  Need to ramp this up. I need to also finish studying…blah…

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