2015 Ponders

CHOI PONDERS – February 2015


Welcome to my first ever Munky’s Learning / Meeting new people edition.  As my goal this year is to make everyday count, I will try to learn something new (either about myself, or something informational) or just meet new people.  I think by keeping track through my blog I’ll hold myself accountable.  Here we go!

February 3 – met some individuals in the food processing industry. Will be working with then in the next couple of weeks

February 4 – Don’t eat grapes when you are on a diet.  There’s too much sugar. Per Daisy.

February 5 – However, you can have berries.  Per Daisy.

February 6 – Finance Manager in Australia = Controller.  I have been told this is not true.

February 7 – Koalas have two thumbs.

February 9 – In a roundabout, signal the exit where you want to exit.  Don’t just keep going.

February 10 – don’t assume it’s right to begin with!

February 12 – Type O blood is the most popular type of blood (julie said duh that’s common sense).

February 14 – Valentines Day is a stupid day.  To my future GF, I will treat you very good the other 364 days.  However on this day, expect a man playing video games eating chips and not giving a shit

February 15 – I can’t take red eye flights

February 16 – Don’t say “Can I?”.  Say “How can I?”

February 17 – There is no breakfast culture in Toronto

February 18 – Don’t let “stuff” own you

February 19 – I am so out of shape

February 21 – Traditional Lion Dance is slowly being lost

February 22 – What’s done is done

February 23 – See through the accounting GAAPs (Warren Buffet)

February 24 – TTC has new subway trains

February 25 – Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

February 27 – I have a developed a liking in throwing out old stuff I don’t need.  I like to be organized.

February 28 – Buy experiences, not stuff.


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