Wanted to take le mother to some seafood place in Toronto………..

Asked around for some recommendation and a name that popped up was Captain’s Boil. Apparently about 10 locations popped up in the last year or so…so I guess they must be doing something right.




Per the website:

In the 70s Asian Fishermen that immigrated to the US Gulf Coast took the traditional Louisiana Creole inspired crawfish boil and enhanced the recipe. They added Asian aromatics to the boil – lemon grass, ginger – serving it with garlic butter and a blend of Asian spices. This created a crawfish boil that is full of unique flavors. The Captain’s Boil is first in Toronto to bring you this fresh, flavorful, and fun experience. We take the freshest seafood, toss it in a blend of secret, Asian inspired spices and aromatics. We serve it messy to let you enjoy it in a fun and unique way.


UntitledYou order by choosing your catch, your flavor and the heat (i.e spicy level). We ordered the lobster, crab legs and mussels (mussels was a last minute add because we were still so damn hungry).

How was it? delicious! Very flavorful…the only complaint I have is that the seafood is served in plastic bags..which made it not as appetizing.

But I guess that’s how it’s suppose to be made .


UntitledLe mother holding a piece of the lobster.


I think next time we should order one lobster for each person haha.

UntitledCrab legs were so damn good tooooo….

UntitledMussels were meh to be honest.

UntitledLe mother again with the crab legs.

Again, fucking delicious. Although quite small, only got a piece each?

UntitledFinally, a picture of my bib. I eat messy so this was needed for sure.

Pretty pricey (bill came to 140bucks CDN), which included the above plus two beers plus an order of garlic bread.

Think I will only come here for special occassions….

Written from Toronto, Home, on January 31, 2017

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