Maple Tree House is a premium Korean barbeque restaurant chain operating in Korea since 2005.

Starting from a quaint small house in Seoul, we began our journey in becoming a “must go” premium barbeque destination for both Koreans and foreigners alike.

I had no idea this was a chain. Sometimes I really like blogging because I learn so MUCH about the stuff I see and the shit eat…AFTERWARDS.

Yeah probably should change that but what you going to do.

You know what I also really hate?

Blogging about barbeque places because mannnn the pictures looks damn ugly.




Something about taking a picture of a piece of meat being grilled…something is just off.

Maybe it’s my camera.

Because I was doing such a shit job on taking food pictures I decided to focus on the other interesting things in this restaurant.

Like the million empty bottles they put as a “decoration”.


“Art”  I guess?

You know what’s “art”. My pictures. Fabulous. Masterpieces. Fuck yeah.


haha. Typical Barbeque menu.

Open it up, it’s a sea of red. Packed with meat (I do see a shrimp at the end though).

Love it.

I feel so healthy eating this too because no carbs.


I spoke too early. Someone ordered bibimbap.

I didn’t have any thought but DAMN I was tempted.



Some other beef dish that I got. At one point we have two grills going and I was confused as fuck because why did we suddenly have two grills going?

And why was this beef on top of this pool of water? Huh?

I ate both anyways so who cares.



Egg. It was free. Don’t ask me why it’s puffed up like that.

We have no idea how the people here does this. But you fancy chefs out there probably thinking dude you are an idiot don’t even know how to make an egg puff up.

Fuck you.

Think about what you just say. Or what I wrote.

Talking to myself now.

It’s the weekend. Can’t help myself.

Written from Seoul, Van Gogh Cafe on March 18, 2017


  1. The “egg puff” comes free at a lot of KBBQ places. I’m not positive but apparently the egg is steamed and that’s why it gets that puffed look. Enjoyed your post. Your honesty made me laugh

    1. Thank you! Yeah I realized it’s free in most places…which is super thing I love about Korean food is that there are so much freebies given haha.

  2. I also went to Maple Tree House in Itaewon, when I was in Seoul earlier this year. I really liked it, especially the Premium Korean beef we tried. Didn’t get the puffed egg though…

    1. haha nice! The puffed egg was pretty good i guess…by the way I noticed you are living in Dubai! I am in Dubai too right now..going to take some of your recommendations haha

      1. Thanks for the invite!! I will be back in Dubai sometime..would love to enjoy some Korean food in the desert =p

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