Hong Kong


So apparently….

There are two Man Mo Temples in Hong Kong. I knew this because when I tried to google map this place it told me it would take me 6 hours to walk there. Fuck you google is what I said.

And then Le Life Boss said I am stupid and that there is another one in Tai Po. Ah okay that makes more sense.  So this post is about the other “Man Mo” Temple, not the central one, the Tai Po one. I hope that doesn’t confuse you.

So what is the difference between the central one and the tai po one? The Tai Po one is small. It will take you about 5 minutes to see the whole place. I could just end this post right here.

But I won’t. Because I like to write.

So apparently we have been here before. Or at least walked by. But I guess at that time I thought this place was not blog worthy because it’s so damn small.

And this time I thought it was blog worthy because why the fuck not.

The temple is to worship the civil god called Man Mo.

The students in the ancient times would worship this guy and pray that they will get good grades at school. I should have prayed to this guy when I was in high school / uni because my grades were so shit. Definitely needed some divine help.

The Tai Po food market is around the corner, so I do recommend after a meal there to walk by this temple. Even though it’s small it will be good for you to burn off some calories and to get into shape.

Especially on a hot summer day, you gonna sweat like crazy.

Entrance of the temple
Gateway to heaven
More interior shots
More incense

Written from Hong Kong, Home on May 31 2017

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