Normally I don’t give a fuck about bridges.


Why should I? It’s a damn bridge!

Which is why I was surprised when I was at the Guangji Bridge in Chaozhou, I was actually enjoying my time there.

It was a damn pleasant experience might I add.

What made this bridge such a cool experience Choi?

Good question. Let me tell you now:

  • It’s ancient – aka OLD AF
  • It’s in Chaozhou aka where my grand parents came from so I can’t shit on this place
  • Great view of the surroundings – it’s really beautiful
  • Free (because of our old man tour guide) – Yes, we picked up an old dude randomly from the street to be our guide. He didn’t even charge us money. AND because he’s old he gets in for free, which for whatever reason meant we got in for free as well haha.
  • Per google the Guangji bridge is one of the four famous ancient bridges in China – so pretty big deal


There is also a saying, “If you haven’t been to the Guangji Bridge you haven’t been to Chaozhou!”

Who said that Choi?

Our old man tour guide. So take his word for it.


I really enjoyed walking on the bridge.

That’s the only thing you could do there anyways shit head.

Yes. That is also true.

Fine. I give you that.

So the bridge takes about 15 – 20 minutes to walk. But if you are into taking loads of pictures like me then good luck, you will most likely be spending 45 minutes here.

Speaking of pictures, time for some shameless self promotion. Aka my pictures:






Simply Beautiful.

The bridge?

Nah. Talking about my photos =)


Remember though, you ARE in China.

Which means there are a shit load of people. It felt like half of China was walking with me on the bridge. I swear the bridge was going to snap in half and I would have died young.

I don’t want to die so early.

I have so much to do still.

I kid. I kid.

But do know that you have to push your way through if you ever want to make it to the other side of the bridge.

This is China after all.


We were minding our own business when suddenly our old man tour guide waved to us.

What is going?

Is there a must see on the bridge that we totally missed?

Apparently there is.

The must see on this bridge is this cow statue….that we are supposed to touch..because it gives good luck…

wow really
So yes…I touched the cow’s ass…hope I get a good luck this year…


Another cool part about this bridge is that the boats are linked in the middle.


I think in the back in the days this part opens up so that boats can go through.

Nowadays nobody goes through.

If they did then it’s gonna be a massive problem for us tourists.

Finally, I love the Chaozhou people. Especially if you speak the local dialect (le father speaks it), you get so much love from them. And they are so damn helpful too!

I hope I get to bring my future kids here sometime!

Our old man tour guide
Guangji Bridge

Written from Hong Kong, Home on April 4, 2018


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