Hong Kong


Hands up if you LOVE peking duck!

Choi’s hands are up. 

This damn delicious dish comprises of roasted duck skin / meat, with vegetables, sweet sauce and steamed pancakes! – think burrito but with duck meat. 

Just know this dish is KICK ASS!


Luckily for me Life Boss and friends wanted to eat Pekking Duck, so we ended up at one of Hong Kong’s best pekking duck restaurant at Peking Garden.


Peking Garden is on the higher end of a chinese restaurant – These two words don’t really go together for me, how can chinese be high end? 

I guess high end as in damn expensive chinese food (the duck itself was 600HKD).

Anyways, I was a bit worried at first because there were a lot of foreigners here, is this shit going to be authentic?

After what seems like a forever wait (20 minutes) our Peking duck came!

  • Thank goodness this place is not a tourist trap. The pekking duck skin was crisp and flavorful. Steamed pancake was pipping hot, mix that together with the duck and vegetables and you get heaven in your mouth. TwoUntitledUntitled

I recommend you all to  Peking Garden  if you want to have some good peking duck.

However, as I was eating I started to think.

What exactly do I know about this fabulous dish?

Let me think.


It’s from Beijing?


Feeling dumb, I began to do some research on the history / facts of this dish.

Yes Choi is quite random.

History of Peking Duck

    • The roasted duck can be traced back to the Yuan Dynasty (1206-1368)
    • This was listed as an imperial dish – So I guess I am a fucking King yeh?
    • Oldest known roast duck restaurant is called the Bianyifang Restaurant, opened from 1522-1566. I did a quick search online, many restaurants named themselves “Bianyifang” now, so not sure which one is the original 
    • The long island duck is used for this dish – what the fuck is a long island duck
    • You can cook this dish with either closed oven style, or open oven style. Not sure which one is better though. 


I learned something today. The point about this being an imperial dish is also interesting to me. I am going to eat Peking duck every day now just to feel like a damn king!

Now I can only hope Life Boss can make this dish in the near future for me so I don’t have to go broke eating this damn expensive dish.

Anyways, photos of the other dishes that we ordered (one peking duck ain’t gonna fill Choi up!)


Some prawn tomato dish with some rice krispy shit on the side
Small ass vegetable dish……………..
Mango Pudding

Peking Garden

Written from Cathay Pacific lounge, Hong Kong on November 19, 2017

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