But the PHO we like is too far away!

What to do?

What to do?

Well the answer is, find a PHO that is near you!

We frequently pass by this PHO restaurant called Le Viet (during one of my many trips to LCBO). We always said we wanted to try it, but never did because we always end up at our favorite PHO spots in Scarborough. But after a 1 hour drive in Durham Region, we were hungry and needed to eat QUICKLY because baby boss was going to turn into baby godzilla soon.

So let’s take a risk, and try le viet.

We did do some research beforehand, the reviews were meh. 3.5 ish stars out of 5? So I didn’t have much high expectations going in.

It was good I had this mindset going in, because the food was..well..yeah passable. It wasn’t blowing my ass away, but definitely I can see me coming here if I just need a quick PHO fix.

What made this passable? Well..the soup base was passable. The meat could have been better, but again if I only have 10 minutes to eat this may be the go to place.

I got the beef balls + rare beef noodles, again beef could better. Portions were a bit small too (I had the regular) and it wasn’t exactly cheap.

So yea, OKAY dining experience. Probably will come back though.

Le Viet
At least I felt safe eating here
Passable beef noodles
Passable Meal
passable meal with life boss tending to baby boss in the background

Written from Toronto, Home on October 3, 2020 

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