Went to Shenzhen over the weekend.  Not my first time in China, but was my first time in Shenzhen.  I took mostly videos when we were unfortunately I can not post much pictures up.

You can check out the video (posted above).

Anyways, we crossed the border around 7PM…had dinner in China.  Did not know what is real.  I am pretty scared when i eat in china, you hear all these horror stories about fake eggs, fake beef fake food etc etc.

We basically chose the restaurant with the most people haha.  The meal was pretty good though.

Afterwards we went to this spa / massage called “Oriental Palm Spa”.  Damn this was a nice place.  Best facility I have seen so far.  There’s three stories i believe?  There’s a sauna place, a place for haircuts, pool table, and a cinema!! We spent most our time in the cinema.

Got a foot massage as an appetizer, and then a full body massage.

Think what’s most jokes about this place is you choose your massuese from a computer.  This is a legit place though.  I have to stress that every time.

Slept there over night.  Woke up at 9AM.  Got home back in HK by 12PM.  Then slept and cleaned. My dad is coming so I am going to get an ass whopping soon for my dirty place.

Anyways…thats about it lol.  Hopefully I get to explore of ShenZhen next time!!

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