Eating in China might be an adventure to some.

It doesn’t help with horror stories like fake eggs, unsanitary kitchens, and food safety concerns.

And if you bring up eating Sashimi with le father, just forget about it.

But what is one like Choi to do when he LOVES to eat Sashimi?

love sashimi

You have to make sure that shit is safe to eat! Otherwise, you will be locked in the washroom with your asshole being torn apart.  Exaggerated a bit but you get my point.

So to avoid this potential torture on your asshole, I present to you some pointers from the internet and my own wisdom =)

Point # 1 – Choose a reputable restaurant

The most important thing is to choose a REPUTABLE Japanese restaurant, perhaps the one located in your hotel?

In my case, I obtained the directory from the hotel I was staying at and saw a Japanese restaurant called 88 Sushi Bento Bar.

Choi then went through this internal food safety checklist to make sure his asshole wouldn’t be torn apart later:

  • Are reviews good online? Yes
  • Am I staying in an International Hotel Chain? Yes
  • Can I can go down in shorts? Yes – this is important, I need to be comfortable
  • Can I go to the restaurant right after my gym session without showering? Yes – Also important, need to do pre-meal workouts

Everything checks out! Off I  go to 88 Sushi Bento Bar!

Side note -> Lately I’ve developed this affinity of sitting by the bar. I like to interact with the chef / bartenders. Plus I was by myself so I didn’t want to look too lonely. Saw a couple of other guys also sitting at the bar, all guys think alike I guess.


Point # 2 – Kill the parasites – food52

The potential for parasites in your Sashimi is real and can fuck your asshole up SUPER BAD.

To kill those nasty creatures you need to freeze your sashimi / raw fish at -31° F for at least 15 hours.


You didn’t think the chef literally grabs a fish from the sea and prepares it right away, did you?

wow really

If you do see fish just lying around out in the open, chilling like they are getting a fucking tan then get your ass out of there PROMPTO!

Thankfully all the sushi at 88 Sushi Bento Bar was in the freezer, so I felt comfortable devouring my sushi and sashimi.

  • Nothing special sushi. Stuff I can get at a mall to be honest. Untitled
  • Sashimi was damn fresh. Plus it’s on ice already, NO PARASITES!Untitled

Point 3 # – Source of the fish – lifehacker

Your favorite sushi joint most likely gets their fish from a seafood processor, whom would have performed all the checks needed to ensure the fish is safe to eat. They do this through a pocess called “Candling”, where light is shown through the fillets to look for parasites and bones.

Any fish that does not meet the requirements are discarded immediately.

Unless your favorite sushi restaurant is a fucking boss and gets the fish from the ocean directly, then you are good to go!


Point # 4 – Drink Alcohol –  stuff


Alcohol helps kill bacteria and germs in your gut!

Not shitting you, the higher the alcohol percentage the more effective it is at reducing bacteria in your stomach.

This does not mean you should be drinking a bottle of vodka each day. Alcohol damages your stomach lining, so please consume in moderation.

But even if alcohol doesn’t kill much germs, it’s always good to have sake right?

  • The sake that I ordered =) I forgot the name =(Untitled

So there you have it, Choi’s safety points when it comes to eat Sushi / Sashimi!

But Choi, how was the restaurant quality?

Right, I forgot about that.


88 Sushi Bento Bar Review

The fact my ass didn’t burn afterwards means this place is good.

I got the set menu for 350RMB which was not bad. It came with a godzillion dishes (in addition to the sashimi, sushi and sake as seen from above):

  • My free appetizer. Some noodle shit. Not badUntitled
  • Cod fish. It was very soft and cooked to perfection. Melted in my mouth. Good shit.
  • Untitled
  • Ice cream. It’s ice cream. Untitled
  • Miso soup…ummm…also good!Untitled

Overall not a bad restaurant to eat at. At least it’s safe.

Finally, I suggest you try eating Sashimi here just so you can say you survived eating fucking raw fish in China, and not get your asshole torn apart.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on March 13, 2018


  1. You forgot the most important tip – Never eat sushi in China! 🙂 But really, every other year or so I read something about people getting worms in their brains (having your asshole ripped apart is actually the lesser evil!) from eating contaminated sushi. Those articles put me off from eating anything remotely raw in China.

    1. Absolutely true. I used to not eat anything raw in China either..maybe living 5 years in Asia has toughened me up..or maybe because eating anything in China is dangerous to begin I just take the plunge and eat it haha.

  2. Great tips, especially the one about alcohol! I’ve read there have been health scares surrounding sushi lately, but I really love the stuff and would never stop eating it.

    1. What health scares have you heard about? I don’t know..I’ve been eating it since I was little so maybe I’ve built immunity on it haha.

  3. I had some bad sashimi in while solo traveling in Bangkok and woke up in my hostel puking and puking. I was legit scared I had to go to the hospital. Thankfully my body got rid of everything and I was fairly normal the next day. There’s something terrifying lying in the bunk sweating and wondering if you can navigate a foreign health care system. Or if you’ll just die on the side of the road from poor life choices.

    1. Oh No. did you find out what was wrong? was it parasites?! argh..I guess this post should have been titled “Thailand” instead of China!

      1. I just figured it was dodgy and my stomach aborted mission before it got too far along. It has thankfully been the only time I’ve gotten ill while traveling.
        My fiancé got sick once from a pizza at a decent hotel chain in Mumbai after spending a month all around India consuming local street food! Figures.

        This could easily be a blog for anywhere selling tasty uncooked fish 😛

      2. Sick from Pizza?!! Oh my god how is that even possible? It’s one of my favorite dishes of all time too..ahah nooo please do not ruin that for me.

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