2018 Ponders


April 1 – China travel is never easy

April 3 – Chinese wedding invites are hard to find in Hong Kong

April 4 – Le father tried to order french wine at an italian restaurant…

April 6 – Pretty bad at managing a wedding

April 8 – Hate taking pills

April 9 – Le mothers bday

April 10 – Try to stop going on the phone before sleeping

April 11 – Life Boss yelled at me again…for calling her

April 12 – Gonna have good lamb curry today!

April 13 – Drank too much last night….

April 14 – Hate China Customs

April 15 – Raptors Win! Leafs lose though…..

April 16 – Time to revamp this blog!

April 17 – Need to make more money!

April 18 – Fixing my blog!

April 19 – Super tired today

April 20 – I hate doctors

April 23 – Last few days have been pretty long!

April 24 – le father out of hospital today! Life boss is back as well!

April 25 – Ate a whole pizza and am still hungry…?

April 26 – Need to watch infinity wars

April 27 – Farewell lunch / dinner

April 29 – Almost vacay time!!

April 30 – New Beginning


    1. We had a horrible experience lol. We wanted to catch the train from shenzhen to chaochow…we left hong kong 5 hours before departure time and we STILL missed it! Probably mostly my fault though haha

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