Yes. I did it again.

I ate a Hamburger, in Saudi Arabia.

I don’t get what the problem is. Can people in China not eat burgers? Are they only allowed to eat rice and noodles? get the fuck outta here.

I am going to eat what I fucking want, and on this particular day I wanted to eat a burger.

Actually. I wanted to find a restaurant that took credit card because for some dumbass reason my hotel did not have the local currency available for me to exchange. Get the fuck out of here. What kind of stupid ass hotel doesn’t have cash on hand……anyways….

I walked around the hotel (because I couldn’t pay for a stupid ass taxi), went to a plaza and found this neat little place called Firefly.



Their slogan was “Above All Burgers”. Guess they are saying they have some kick ass burgers.

IIIII don’t know about that one…..

I guess it is pretty good, the meat patty was juicy. But like that’s the fucking minimum of a good burger right? When did the minimum become the exception and not the norm?

The bun, too big for my taste. I took out 3/4 of it almost.

The sauce was good I guess, nothing too special.

I really shouldn’t hate on this place that much, it wasn’t really that bad. AND they accept credit card.

It’s just when your slogan is “Above All Burgers”…

I am going to have some high ass expectations for you.




Very small, cozy place. I like the atmosphere. Even though it was hella empty when I got there.

To be fair I didn’t have lunch till 3PM…because I woke up at 2PM…because I didn’t get in till 6AM.

Fuck my life.

If I lived in Jeddah, I probably would come back for a second try.

But because I don’t live in Jeddah, I probably will not come back for a second try =)

Written from Le Meridien, Jeddah on February 18, 2017

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