Last Day

Tomorrow is my last day at work. It’s been a great year.  Met a lot of people whom I learned a lot from.

However, after tomorrow I am going to be off for three weeks!!!! (before I head to HK).

Although I don’t fit in the definition of “unemployed” – (definition is people out of work but are actively searching for work), I thought I add my two cents on this matter.

It’s tough, but it will happen

Looking for a job is probably one of the toughest things to do in the world.  Not only are you picking the job, the employer has to choose you as well. You are also competing with maybe 4 – 5 top candidates in your field.  The odds aren’t great, but you have to keep at it if the first few jobs don’t work out.

I remember in coop, for my first time I got rejected multiple times.  This was very tough on me mentally.  But I continued to apply and was able to get a good job at RioCan (large real estate company).

If a co-op student that doesn’t have any experience can get a job, YOU can get a job!

Accept failure

This shit is so true.  The above video is about a chinese actor that went bankrupt.  He talks about failures that occured during his life.  The takeaway from his message is as follows:

If you experience many failures, then u are one step closer to success.

This is the value of success.

If you are scared of failure, you will never be successful.

If you are scared of other people laughing at u, you will never succeed.


Accept rejections.  Accept failure.  But never give up if you truly believe in something. I come to this video a lot when I am lost or EMoed up LoL.

Munky’s personal rules of unemployment

Unemployment means I have no source of income.  Aside from my rental income and poker earnings (or lack of), I will have no money to spend.

Luckily, I was able to save up money the last 6 months.  I believe I have enough to enjoy life in Toronto, until I leave for HK.

Despite this, I will be trying to follow a strict budget.  I will have to be selective in the activities I want to participate.  So unfortunately, if you invite me to something that is expensive, I will probably have to turn it down.  Unless, it’s something I really, really, really, really want to do.


Since i have three weeks off in Toronto, there’s a list of things that I want to accomplish:

1) Try as much restaurants as possible.  I am an atmosphere guy, so the food quality is not as important.  Will blog about those restaurants later when I actually try it!

2) Meet up with people, and chill.  This probably will go hand in hand with #1

3) Be as lazy as possible

4) Play a lot of poker

5) Watch fucking batman

6) Get a massage

To be honest, I just want to recharge my battery and not have to think about anything too serious.

Hustling/grinding will begin when I get to HK, but for now I just want to take it easy.

Therefore, if you want to hang message me!!!!


I love this rendition of Adele’s rolling in the deep.  Linkin Park is one of my favourite bands..although I haven’t been feeling their new stuff as much.  GO BACK TO HYBRID THEORY AND METEORA PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Till next time!!

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