The stunning Blue Mountain in New South Wales.  Approximately 1.5 hour drive from the city center of Sydney.   My friends took me to this park called the “Scenic World”, which basically lets you see the Blue Mountains / three sisters.  The website is as follows:



In order to get the full experience of the tour, you should get the “Ultimate Scenic Experience” ticket, which basically lets you go on all the different types of transportation the tour provides (i.e cable car, tram).  Each of these rides gives you different views and angles of the mountains, so its worth the price of admission!

I also mentioned the three sisters earlier.  You must have been a bit confused as to what I was referring to.  The three sisters is the three sandstones you see on the left of my picture above.  It is formed as a result of land erosion.  Legend has it, that three sisters were transformed into stones because they were in love with a rival tribe.   Or, something along those lines.


Got some more pictures, up and personal with the mountain.

The ride that I enjoyed at Scenic world was their tram (see below).  The tour claims this ride to be the steepest tram ride in the world, and..they may be right!! If you ever have a chance to visit Scenic world you must go on this ride.  People were literally falling off (my friend got kneed in the back by a random tourist that was sitting behind us).  When the ride started, I kid you know I was not sitting on my seat.  The only thing that kept my from falling was the fact my knee was against the rail bar in front of me!

Exhilarating experience!


Another cool ride was the cable car ride, where from the picture below you can see, the floors were all transparent!  For those that are have phobia over heights, no worries.  There’s a section in the cable car where it is not transparent, but you can still get a gorgeous view of the mountains on the side of the cable car.


Finally, a random picture of me, with the beautiful mountains as a back drop (excuse my asian eyes)


and thank you to my dear friends that took me out on this chilly Sunday afternoon!!!!!




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  1. Welcome to Sydney Part 6!!! Blue Mountain

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