I had enough of stairs!

Seriously, anywhere we go in Positano we have to take the damn stairs. And these are not your normal sissy ass stairs. These are super steep and long ass up hills! Sigh Life boss really wants to break my knees.

Anyhow, we wanted to try this restaurant called Il Grottino because some “blogger” recommended it.

First of all fuck you because I had to walk up the stairs for 10 minutes straight.

Yes I guess you can say I am “working my appetite” but nah it’s really busting my knees out. This place better have the best damn pasta or else I am going to be pissed

And did they have the best Pasta?

I don’ think so…it’s al dente I guess? But the pasta was edging on the line of not being fully cooked. For the price of 18 Euros I was also not impressed with the portions / amount of fish I got. We definitely had better pasta in this trip. Not happy with my busted knees and unsatisfied meal!

We got white wine though
Compliments from the chef
Octopus – this was pretty good actually
Hard as fuck pasta with drizzle of fish – this was 18 Euros?
Our rock hard meal

Written from Positano, Italy on October 23, 2019

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