My ass is hurting.


Because I biked for an entire day around the city of Montreal. I don’t bike usually, just not confident in my biking skills. Especially when you have to bike on the road with the cars, I don’t trust some of these shitty ass drivers. Don’t want my ass handed because somebody forgot to check their blind spot. Anyhow, I was damn starving after our biking adventure so we decided to drop by this diner called Greenspot.

Greenspot looked like your typical diner, with jukeboxes at every table. They also serve your typical diner food, in ADDITION to poutine, pizza etc. Yum. Since we were in Montreal you know I had to get a poutine. We also got a pizza to share because on their menu they bragged that their pizza was the BEST in the region. Well, the pizza was indeed pretty damn good! We got the cheese pizza, and the cheese was damn good. My poutine was also good (I got the pepperoni poutine because I needed some meat). The gravy was especially delicious. Still full from that shit, but it was worth it.

Diner interior
The counter
Cheese Pizza
Life Boss’ Hot Dog
Friend’s sad hotdog
Delicious Poutine
The restaurant

Written from Air BnB, Montreal on September 1 2019

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