The infamous Sydney Opera House.  I was blown away when I saw the opera house for the first time.  it seemed so unreal.  You always see the opera house in photos, wallpapers, post cards etc but to see it in person is just so different.  I took the above picture from the harbor bridge (more on that later).  I’ve seen the opera house close up already, so i thought seeing it from another angle will be a good idea.


it is located in the Sydney Harbor (near the Rocks, in Circular Quay), and it’s a very busy area since this is where all the ferry’s port.  It is one of the most distinguished, most famous performing arts center in the world.  It also became a UNESCO Heritage site in 2007.  Pretty impressive.

I have been told, that despite it’s impressive exterior, the interior is not exactly ideal for performing arts.  I am not that educated in the arts, so I can not give you a definite explanation as to why I was told this.  Probably should research on that some more.

There are also tours that will bring you around inside, but to me, I think instead of looking at empty rooms, it’d be cooler if I can just enjoy a musical in the opera house.  Another to do on my list when I go to Sydney.

Here’s another picture (Note I got lucky, it was a gorgeous day with bright skies)

This is a definite must see if you are visiting Sydney.  I recommend coming on a nice clear day.  It’s also a nice area to take a stroll with your loved ones, as there are a lot of restaurants and bars around the area (the famous opera bar is also situated near the Opera House).

Very easy to get to, just walk down George Street.  If you don’t know where that is no worries!  It’s famous in Sydney, so everyone will know how to help you get there!


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