Ahh…Glenmore’s.  One of the few restaurants with the rare combination of good food and good scenery.  This pub (full name Glenmore’s Hotel) is located in The Rocks, which is a popular eatery area in Sydney.  The full address is 96 Cumberland Street.  It’s very easy to get to, just keep walking down George Street and you will eventually find it on the right.  If you ask me what is a must order at Glenmores, I would say “Glenmore Burger” without hesitation.


This is one of the best, juiciest, most delicious burgers I have ever had.  So good that I had to come here again by myself just before we left Sydney.   The menu can be found on their website which is:

Did I also mention there is an awesome view here?  At Glenmores, you are able to go to the roof to get a drink or food.  There, you will find the Opera House just sitting in the background.  With a burger and a beer, this is the perfect place to wind back with your buddies.

Tip – At Glenmores, it’s basically self serve in that you find your own table.  You also have to order from the bar, although they will deliver your food and drinks straight to your table.  So if you want a good view / good seats at Glenmores, then you should come here a bit earlier (they don’t take reservations from Thursday to Saturdays by the way).

This pub has everything a pub should have, good burgers, wide selection of beer, and a great atmosphere.

Definitely one of my favorite places to hang in Sydney!!



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