Notice the question mark in the blog title?

Yes, I wanted to emphasize that I am not making a statement. Rather, I am wondering Parts and Labour’sif self proclaimed # 1 Burger in Toronto is factual or not.

Per their website, they won this “Burger Wars” competition which I found on youtube, click here if you want to watch it.

Despite them winning the competition, there have been a lot of mixed online reviews including:

  • The star shitting on the burger and overall dining experience
  • Overall good tripadvisor reviews
  • Mixed reviews on Yelp


Reviews are all over the place.

So since Choi has dined here now, it is time to reveal to the world what CHOI THINKS! (yes it’s important).

Disclaimer, Choi went with his asshole friends and ladies.

So that means this might be a good night regardless of how the food was.

Why? Because even though his friends are assholes, they do provide good times for Choi and Life boss. So even if the food was shit, we were still having a good time.

Just a disclaimer! Don’t get mad me if you think my review is biased or way off base please!


The food:

  • Life boss’ pasta. I think she got this because it was cold as FUCK in Toronto. You need carbs to warm yourself up right? Life boss liked this dish, though she wasn’t like “Oh My God this is good”. Mmm. First sign. Untitled
  • The steak for Choi’s asshole friends. They didn’t make any comments but they devoured this so I assumed they like. This is a good sign. Untitled
  • And finally, THE BURGER THAT CHOI ATE. Yes I go thte bunless burger. So maybe it takes away from “Toronto’s # 1 Burger”. To be fair, I liked it. It wasn’t bad. But I wasn’t also on my knees saying “Yum this shit is good” like what I was doing in Sydney’s Glenmore Burgers.Untitled

So, in conclusion I think the statement of “#1 Burger in Toronto” is quite over stated. I think there is probably better burger joints out there – though I have to go and find some. Just don’t feel like this would be a good representation for Toronto burgers.

BUT, I don’t think it’s as bad as how review from The Star made it to be. I will probably come back if I lived in the area.

That being said, there was one thing that annoyed us a bit.

And that is the doughnut that we ordered.

  • First of all, this doughnut set us back 20CDN. What the fuck, that’s some expensive doughtnut. But we ordered it so we were cool with the price. But the next problem is, aren’t doughnuts supposed to be sweet? Yeah it didn’t taste sweet. Rather it tasted like they used some sort of alcohol to make it. The resto told us no alcohol was used to make the doughnut. So I don’t really know what to think. But definitely not worth the 20 bucks that we paid. Downer. Untitled

Still. It was a good night with good asshole friends and their ladies.

And because of that, I might come back again!

Pretty cool bar
The menu

Written from Hong Kong, Home on January 15, 2018


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