Inle Lake


“Best resort in Inle Lake.

This is kind of a stupid statement.


Because I only went to one resort in Inle Lake so it’s dumb to say it’s the “best” resort there. But it’s hard to imagine another resort that is better than this.

I mean, how can anything be more beautiful than this:

Inle Lake

Inle Lake



I was simply in awe when I arrived at this resort.

I’ve never been apart of something like this. Surrounded by mountains and the beautiful lake.

The rooms itself was also quite special. Traditional, wooden, on the actual lake itself. The room was also spacious, and most importantly NO MOSQUITOES!


I had one of the best naps here, especially when it started raining outside. With the fan blowing I was melting away. It was so relaxing. One of the best places to relax ever!


The food here was also pretty good.


Yes we did not go out to eat because, simply there was nothing else to eat in the area. So we just said fuck it, let’s just eat in.

  • This lime fish that life boss ordered. I am not a big fan of seafood and fish but on this particular point I wish I did. This lime fish was so good! Damn, another good dish that Life Boss ordered. Untitled
  • My beef curry. I just can’t get away from eating meat. This was good as well, though the lime fish kicks all ass. I think Inle Lake is mostly known for fish, which makes sense. We are by a lake after all.
  • Untitled

However, like all good things there are cons to this resort.

This includes minimum grasp of the English language. I’ve said this many times, you don’t need to have a masters in English but man when I am asking you basic things like “Where is the washroom”, I don’t want to have to repeat myself 4 times.

We also tried the massage there which was also quite average. Though the massage parlor we went to the day after was even shittier, so I guess I should give them some slack. Or maybe massages in Myanmar is just not that good.

Maybe Choi should do more research on massage places too next time.


But I have to go back to the scenery this resort has.

I can literally just sit in my room, and stare at this the whole day. Plus internet is actually fast here, so I can blog while relaxing with this landscape as a background.

So serene. Feels like heaven on earth. I got nothing else to write about, can’t even try to be funny here.

This was simply beautiful.

Life is good.

Inle Lake

Inle Lake

Inle Lake

Written from Hong Kong , Home on June 12, 2018

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