Ah the long weekend.

The civic long weekend to be exact. My company actually gives me an extra day off, so I had an early start on bumming around / doing nothing. I had pizza and napped lol. Waited for life boss to come home so we can try out this Italian restaurant called Terroni. I LOVE ITALIAN FOOD if you didn’t know. Pizza, Pasta, carb me the fuck up. Yes this contradicts my low carb diet, but man it’s just so hard to give up pizza and pasta. Plus I am on vacation so fuck the diet.

Terroni had really good reviews online, and the line up is always long. So please get a reservation in or else you be waiting for an eternity. And if your partner turns into a she-hulk when she gets hungry (like life boss) then you are better off going somewhere else.

Their patio is very popular, and of course we made reservations to sit there. Was it worth it? Hell yes! Really chill for a Friday evening. I like it. I like the atmosphere. Super good.

We ordered burrata for starters because that’s what the fuck we do. Pretty good, came with melon which was a bit weird. Didn’t eat much of the melon but the ham + cheese was super good. We also ordered the seafood pasta, which was super Al Dente. Yum Yum. Went really well with the seafood too. I got the pizza special, which was an interesting mix of oysters, spicy sausage and mushrooms. I never had oysters on my pizza before, so I experienced something new. To end things off we shared a pistachio ice cream bar. I demolished it. 5 out of 5 for me in terms of the meal quality and atmosphere. WILL COME BACK.

Side note – I tipped the waitress 20%. I usually tip 10%. Why did I tip 20%? She was pregnant. I felt bad being served by a pregnant woman. I should be serving her instead. =)

Deciding what to order
Cool Patio
Mah oyster pizza
Seafood pasta
Delicious meal!
Pistachio ice cream on the inside, white chocolate on the outside
Great restaurant

Written from Toronto, Home on August 3, 2019


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