Welcome to Georgetown, Guyana!

This is my first time in the country of Guyana, and it was for work. We were here for a short 4 day stay, but still got to experience a lot of local restaurants. When I say local I meant restaurants ran by the locals, not actually local food. I don’t think I actually had local food during my stay. Not sure why. Our organizers planned it and didn’t include a local Guyanese restaurant. Maybe they were worried we would not like it? But I am adventurous yo! Anyhow, on the first night in Georgetown we went to this hop restaurant called Bistro Bar and Cafe.  I really hope they didn’t bring us here because we are foreigners.

We decided to share everything, so opened up with a platter of assorted food (yes I don’t remember), we got some plantain fries which was super delicious (and felt healthy), chicken wings (Because we are foreigners I guess), and I am sure there is a couple of other random dishes. Overall the meal was pretty good I thought, though I had low expectations coming in. The team didn’t feel well afterwards which worries me. But I was okay? We also killed a bottle of wine which meant I was super spent by 10PM. Well, I am spent by 10PM regardless of what I drink.

This place was quite packed so I guess it’s a hot spot in town? Not sure if I super recommend this place but I am sure you can do worse.

Getting Packed
Our food (There was more)

Written from Pegasus hotel, Georgetown, Guyana on Aug 23, 2019

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