Saint Petersburg


One of the shittiest wines I have ever drank was at this restaurant called Cha Cha…..

Serving Georgian Food in St.Petersburg. I already had a really shitty Georgian Food experience in Moscow, so I was a bit wary already when going to this one in St. Petersburg. But we didn’t really have a choice, it was raining like hell on that day so we basically went to the closest restaurant we could find. Since it was so damn cold I decided to have some wine to warm up.


You would think that being in a Georgian restaurant they would serve okay Georgian wine.


Absolutely shitty wine. Ruined the entire meal.

First of all, the wine was chilled. You should not chill wine no matter what the circumstances are. Wine should not be cold. I am talking about red wine. Red wine should not be cold.

Added on that the wine was tasteless (tasted like someone mixed it with water…..). yes was not in a good mood. I didn’t even bother taking a picture of it…….

At least my appetizer was pretty good. But then it was mushroom and cheese. If you still are able to fuck up mushroom and cheese then you deserve to close down your restaurant. Because that means you are really shit.


My main dish was this chicken drowned in garlic sauce. I admit I was attracted by the garlic sauce part. mmmmm garlic sauce. But the chicken in the menu looked really good too, like big and meat.

Reality? Skinny ass chicken with a lot of bones.

When the hell was the last you saw a skinny ass chicken? Like never, all chickens are fattened up nowadays. So fail. The sauce was good, but I need some meat dammit.

Overall, not a very satisfying experience.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on August 9 2016


  1. I prefer my wine chilled, even when red haha. Not a huge fan of reds though to be honest.

    Also you have a typo:

    it was raining like hell on that day so we basically went to the closest restaurant we could fine.

    1. Really!? Chilled wine!??! Guess everyone has different preferences…thanks for pointing the typo! You will find a lot of those on my blog lol

      1. Lol yes. I love my pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc, and riesling chilled and usually pair them with pasta and exceptionally sweet desserts like cheesecake or chocolates.

        And lol with the typo. My PR firm does proofreading for $5 per 500 words. Let me know if you’re interested.

        Enjoy your hot wine haha

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