Situated pretty close to the west lake, the “ancient section” of hefang old street is a good pit stop if you are looking for a drink or food.

There’s not a lot of options around the west lake either so you are better off coming here too.  And that’s exactly what we did when we visited the west lake.


tumblr_oekcd2NAHZ1rz57lco10_1280As usual there was a lot of people hanging around, walking around etc. The street reminds me a lot of the night markets in Taiwan. Of course the night markets in Taiwan had a lot more food.


We started walking around 5 I think? Walked till the sun started to set. Kind of cool with the sunset here, wish I had a better camera to capture this scene though.



Along the way we saw this shop selling sesame crackers. Really smart marketers I must say, because these two guys were yelling, grabbing everyone’s attention, and started to bang the shit out of the sesame paste. Really smart. People probably thinks their shit is really fresh.


tumblr_oekcd2NAHZ1rz57lco5_1280And then there’s this guy. Hard at work I see.



At the hefang street there are food vendors, game vendors, and shops that sell chinese medicine. Actually there was a LOT of shops that were selling chinese medicine. Some of them were selling Ginseng for over RMB300,000. Err yes no thanks haha my body won’t be able to take this expensive medicine without it breaking down in tears.


ANDDD there’s a Buddha for you to look at.

Would I come back to the street? Probably nah. Probably spend more time at the west lake then here. It’s supposed to be ancient. It ain’t really that ancient in my opinion.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on October 5, 2016. 

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