Visited the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall.  For those that don’t know Chiang Kai Shek, he lead the war against the communist party of China.  As a result of his defeat though, he had to retreat back to Taiwan.
This is why officially, there are two governments that claim themselves as the official government of China.


You can read up on the politics on wikipedia =p.  Here’s a couple more pictures of the Hall:


Since it was the long weekend, we decided to go clubbing!  Our local co workers took us to this club called Myst.  Although there was a super typhoon, it didn’t really ruin much.  I apologize for the dark picture being shown here, but I have yet to figure out how to take a good picture with my iphone in the dark.   Anyways, this was a really good club with good music and good atmosphere. Need to bring some of my close friends here and party!

Food Pictures

Took some more pictures of the delicious food that I have been eating here in Taipei.  Enjoy!

I can’t get enough of the beef noodles here!

Mr. J Restaurant

I went to Jay’s cafe last time, so i thought i visit one of his restaurants. Admittedly i did not have high hopes for the restaurant. I thought it would be a place where it’s famous for the star and not the food. I was surprised. [For those that don’t know who Jay Chou is, he’s a really popular singer in Taiwan]

Ordered escargots. Must be honest, the ones I had in Toronto was a lot better.

Had the seafood soup, this was delicious.

Another great dish at Mr. J! Pasta!

That’s all for Taipei! I have a feeling I will be back again soon though since it’s so close to Hong Kong!

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  1. Great write up, your food looked awesome!

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