Our final meal at Varadero at our resort, Memories at Grand Sanctuary Resort!

We haven’t been too impressed with the dining experiences at the resort, mainly because the food was shit, bland and tough. So I didn’t have high expectations coming to this meal, but man was I ever surprised.

The food was not too shabby!

First up lobster!

Our first dinner here we also had lobster which was tough as fuck. It was like eating eraser so I was not sure why life boss ordered the lobster. Thought she was crazy. But mannn it was not too bad!

At a minimum, it did not taste like eraser. That’s the bar. So her dish passed with flying colors.


I ordered the fish, and man was it ever a challenge to finish this shit.


I don’t eat fish often, but when I eat it, it comes with a lot of fucking bones. Like seriously, every bite there was this small ass bone waiting to enter my throat. It was like my fish was trying to kill me.

So I only ate one fish and gave the other to life boss.

Her fish had no bones.

What the fuck…..


Don’t remember the last two dishes because well, it’s been almost a week already, so yeah memory is bad.

All I know is, it did not taste like eraser.

Apparently the girls did not enjoy our company, hah!


Some salad dish I think
Girls looking bored

Written from Toronto, Sheraton Center on December 29, 2017

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