Koh Samui


Nora Buri might possibly be the most annoying resort of all time.

Or maybe we were just getting annoyed at changing resorts every 2 days.

Why are you changing resorts every 2 days Choi?

Because we wanted to go resort hopping! And also to do some “research” for our guests at an upcoming event. We started at Sea Dance (INPUT LINk) than Nora Beach (enter link).

Nora Beach? Nora Buri? Are they related?

Oh you smart. Yes they are related.


But them being related is not a good thing, because Nora Beach was a complete disaster. Shitty service, ants in the room etc.

So we did not have high hopes for Nora Buri…which was good because they definitely did not meet our expectations either.

Reason # 1 – Shitty Internet again.

This was so fucking annoying.

We were given a log in / password, and was basically told we can only log 2 devices in. The fuck?

We are in 2018…only 2 devices? Fine whatever….but whats even more annoying is…we actually can’t log 2 devices at the same time.

Every time I log on, I kick Life Boss out.

Yes it was that dumb.


We were both annoyed and pissed at the internet situation (seriously does Koh Samui just not have good internet service providers?).

Reason # 2 – You have to call for a buggy to go basically anywhere.

The resort is built on a hill, which means you ain’t gonna be able to walk up to your room (unless you are super fit). If you want to get out of the hotel, go to the beach, or go to another room you need to get transported by a buggy.


Now I have to give credit where credit is due. The buggies were always picked us up promptly. But it’s just damn annoying and not convenient to have to call a buggy every time I want to go anywhere.

That point alone makes me not want to stay here.

Reason # 3 – Breakfast was shit.


One of the worse spreads I have seen in awhile. Basically fruits, pastries and a couple of hot stations. It’s bascially a continental breakfast.

So please be more factual in your advertisements to guests please.

There was a positive though…

Which is the pool itself was really nice.


But that comment holds true for all resorts in Koh Samui so fuck you Nora Buri, you don’t impress me nor my wallet.

So no more staying at your resorts!



Written from De Nang, Pullman Resort on June 4, 2018

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