Bonjour Montreal!

It’s labour long weekend baby! Which also means I got an extra day off from work. What better place to spend a 4 day holiday in Montreal? It’s close, its full of good food, beautiful city, and great weather! Last time I went it was in February, and boy was it cold. I did not enjoy it. This time, this time I really enjoyed it. Just amazing fall weather. We got to Montreal around 430PM (5 hour drive), and immediately went to dinner. Not because we were super hungry, but because we had a reservation for 530PM.

Yes dinner at 530PM. Why so early? Because this was the only spot we could get at the Au Pied De Cochon. They are THAT popular. We sat down, pretty cute place. Ordered a bottle of this french wine, wasn’t a big fan of it. Went to my head pretty quickly. Thought it tasted like shit alcohol too. Life boss did enjoy the wine so sure, not going to complain. This place is super famous for Foie Gras, so why not have that PLUS poutine!? SHIT…one of the best dishes I have ever had. The combination of Foie Gras, Gravy and Fries is a match made in heaven. Nothing can beat that shit. We also had a dish called “Duck in a Can”, which is literally a duck cooked in a can. That was pretty good too, though I think I liked it more for the sauce. The downer of the night was the pork chops. I like my pork chops marinated, unfortunately this one was not and thus didn’t have any flavors to it. It was quite tender though.

I give this place 3.8 / 5 stars.

Loving Montreal though!

life boss taking a picture of the wine that I don’t like
Foie Gras Poutine, so fucking good
Pork Chops – needed marination
Duck in a can
Our mains
Lemon tart!

Written from Air Bnb, Montreal on September 1, 2019

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