Our organizers took us to an Indian restaurant called Aagman. I was both happy and sad. Happy because I LOVE INDIAN FOOD. LIKE SUPER LOVE. Love the spices and the flavor. Why was I sad? Because I have to eat Naan while on a low carb diet. Man, I LOVE NAAN. I can eat that for days. Just thinking about it right now makes me hungry (and it’s only 10AM). Anyhow, I still went because I have to be respectful to the organizers. I can’t skip out and say it’s because I am on a low carb diet. That sounds too sissy. No! What I am going to do is stuff myself with freaking naan and impress the hell out of people!

We sat down, and the restaurant resembled like an authentic indian restaurant (the smell, the look, the waiting staff). This was a good start. We ordered a seafood platter, two curries, roti, and of course NAAN. Garlic, Cheese and normal naan. Gahhhh….so good. This restaurant is highly rated on the internet and now I know why. The food is damn good! I am quite surprised they have such good authentic indian food in Guyana. Is there a huge Indian influence in Guyana? Not sure. I also saw a lot of chinese restaurants, which makes sense as there is a lot of chinese influence here. But Indian? mm…someone educate me.

Not much stories to tell here as this was a business trip, so we only talked “business”. But at the back of my mind, I was craving for more naan, to the point where I would just pass out.

The Menu
The restaurant
Our food. NAAN.
Close up of our seafood platter

Written from Toronto, Home on Aug 25, 2019

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