Chinese culture.  What is it all about?  Face.  You have to give a lot of face to people, and you expect to receive a lot of face.  At least that’s how I feel anyways.  Historically, chinese culture has been all about tradition.  You are to obey your parents, your boss, your in-laws, your brother / sister.  I think order and tradition is important, and good for you.


I have been to China several times for business.  and the common theme that I noticed was that whenever we would go out to have dinner with the client, they will always over order for you.  I have been told this is because this is a way for them to express their respect for you.  Aka, because they like you and respect you, they want to make sure you are really full.  For 8 people dinner, I swear it was a 16 dish course meal.  You can never go hungry after a meal in China.

People in China are also more careful, which is probably why on average they may not be as nice and helpful than say people in Canada or Australia.  Many years of corruption, and unstable infrastructure probably contributes as to why people in China are like that now.  Speaking of corruption, in China you have a higher probability of being conned or robbed.  I remember once when  paying the cab driver, we were told our 100 dollar bill was a fake and had to pay another one.  little did we know he already switched our original 100 dollar bill.  So at the end we actually lost 200 dollars.  these con artists are really sneaky, so you really have to be careful when you are there.  Watch your valuables please.

Money is also king there.  which is why if you have money, you will receive the best service you will ever find.  I had one of the best massage experiences last year in China.  The massage place was like a grand palace.  There was a movie theatre, a bar, 2 floors full massage chairs, as well as private rooms.  It was amazing.  the downfall, is that when people want to make a higher profit, they will try to lower the cost.  this results in the various fake items you hear coming from China.  Fake eggs, fake watermelon, fake beef, you name it.  I am amazed at how people are able to replicate these kind of items.  If only they can use the same knowledge and energy into something better.

In soon time.


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