Dragon’s Loyalty Award…..Whattttt??

Just got back to Hong Kong from Toronto, and the jet lag is killing me.

Woke up this morning to see that I was nominated for an award.


There are blogging awards?  Do I get money?  Do I get famous?

Just joking.  I really do enjoy writing, and am grateful for anyone that takes their time to read my blog.  Seriously, anyone that takes the time to read my incoherent posts + massive grammar and spelling mistakes should also get an award. 

Anyways, to be honest I am not sure if this is one of those chain posts / letters where you just keep forwarding.  But since someone took the time of their day to actually put my name down, I thought I return the favor.

So what is the Dragon’s Loyalty Award?  I don’t really know, but I think it’s an award that is given to you from your readers.  There are some rules I need to play along with, so here goes:

Thanking the blogger who nominated you: Thank you For Two, Please.  Click on her name to go to her blog.  She’s a cool girl from Taiwan, living in my beautiful home country of Canada!

Adding the Dragon’s Loyalty Award logo:


I just stole this image from For Two, Please lol

Posting seven random facts about you:

1 – I do lion dancing.  I have been doing this since I was a kid, and is part of the reason why I go back to Toronto every Chinese New Years, as we do performances around the city.  Time for some shameless promotion: http://www.pakmei.ca


2 – I am a cat guy,  This little kid here is called Brady.  I feel bad for leaving him in Toronto, but due to my work schedule he will be starving in HK (if I brought him) since I travel quite a bit..


3 – I am a huge Kobe Bryant Fan.  Kobe > Lebron.  Period.

4 – The leafs are my favorite sports team.  And even though they always find a way to disappoint, they are still the greatest sports franchise out there!!!!!!!!

5 – I love going to saunas and getting a massage.  The legitimate ones please.

6 – I can write with my left and right hand =p.  Time for some more shameless promotion.  I wrote a post about my writing with my left hand, just click here click here

7 – Munky is a guitarist from one of my favorite bands growing up, KoRn.  Now you know why I am called Munky =p

Nominating 10 bloggers and drop them a comment after you have linked them in the post

These are bloggers that I have followed and enjoy reading about.

TwinDays – Twin Sisters from Netherlands.  Reading about their food posts always makes me hungry.
My Hong Kong Husband – Polish lady with a Hong Kong husband (as the name implies).  I find her mother in law posts hilarious.
ChunCity – My buddies blog.  He hasn’t blogged in a while so I hope this makes me do something.  Blog about dieting.
Bluebalu – Fellow blogger living in HK.  I wish I blogged about HK as much as she did.
The Outlet Unplugged – Cali Girl that is so positive in life.  Love reading about her summer adventures in Europe.
For Two, Please – Not because she nominated me, but because I do like reading her blog!  I’ve been to Calgary when I was small, so it’s good to read about that place again.
leaveseestaygo – Lovely girl that is studying abroad. Love reading about her adventures in Europe, (Germany specifically).
Yetimeistar – Another of my buddies blog.  Another lazy person that hasn’t posted in awhile.  He posts some fun random posts though.
Rachel’s Crazy World – Another fellow travel blogger. She spent some time in Canada, then NZ, and now is in Melbourne!
Wanderlust – Travel Blogger that recently visited Hong Kong! I just recently followed her and she has some awesome posts going on.

That’s it! This was kind of fun!


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4 replies

  1. Thanks for the nomination! I will get onto it soon 🙂

  2. Hahaha, I love reading those random facts about you. You should totally try out those saunas in Korea when you visit there!

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