Was around the Causeway Bay area the other day, and for some reason was craving for Ramen.  Normally not that into Ramen, but for some reason on this day I wanted Ramen.  So I searched up Ramen in Casueway Bay (You can tell I am not in a blogging mood today lol).  Beppu Ramen showed up.  This one was located in the Jade and Pearl Plaza, and was really easy to find (just turn on your google maps if you can’t find it).  The address for the restaurant is:

Shop 3, 1/F, 22-36 Paterson Street, Jade & Pearl Plaza, Causeway Bay, HK

Don’t think you need to make reservations, because it wasn’t that busy when I was there (and if know Causeway Bay, then you know it’s suppose to be busy everywhere).   Just walk in.

At Beppu Ramen, they are known for it’s spicy soup base.  Sign me up please!  Yeah, it was pretty spicy I must admit but not as bad as they make it out to be.  Had an order of dumplings for appetizer as well.  The food wasn’t too bad actually, and I would come back again.  The thing is, this place is damn loud.  Not loud because of the customers.  Loud because it is right beneath the cinema (or at least it sounded like a cinema).

The whole place was rocking, because of the bass from the movie that was playing.  Even with my head phones on i could feel my head vibrating every time I was eating.  They should file a complaint.



For my own reference, this place is right around the corner (take exit E, from the MTR).  The service, was also sub par compared to your normal Hong Kong eateries (I am generally impressed with the service I get here, as opposed to Canada).  It seemed like the waiters and waitresses wanted to be somewhere else.

Decent food, noisy place and sub par service.  Could’ve been better to be honest, but that’s just my opinion.  I would probably still come if I need to have quick bite and is craving for Ramen!

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  1. you have to try Ichiran and Shugetsu

  2. The last time we flew through Hong Kong International Airport(2007) there was a Ramen restaurant. I wonder if it is still there?

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