Here’s something new that I learned today.  Bun Bo Hue is another type of Vietnamese noodle, that is very different from Pho.  Okay, well, the main difference is really the soup base.  I am amazed how I never came across this delicious bowl of noodle before.  Why is Toronto dominated by Pho? Shouldn’t there be more of a balance?  I don’t know.


Some background story first – I was in Shanghai the week prior to Sydney, and got very ill.  I suspect it was food poisoning because:

1) It was China

2) The symptoms that I was having…was consistently to that of food poisoning.

So naturally, I concluded it was food poisoning.

After spending 3 days in the washroom, my body finally was able to cleanse the foreign invades (i.e. bacteria, viruses whatever).  My appetite was coming back again.  And when my colleagues decided to go to eat Vietnamese noodles, I signed up right away.


At first, I thought we were eating Pho.  So I already had expectations in my mind what the broth should be.  Only then was I told this was not really Pho, but a different kind of noodles.

How to describe this…….


Think spicy / sour / sweet soup base, with a lot of meat in it.  I sometimes I wish I was more of a cook so I could identify / elaborate on the ingredients used in the dishes that I consume.  But nonetheless, this was a unique experience.  A taste that I, well have never tasted before frankly.

The closest example I can provide is that it tasted similar to Tom Yum Gong, but even that I was being challenged on.

The restaurant that we went to was apparently Daisy’s sister’s favorite Vietnamese noodle place, called DONG BA.  I was told in Vietnam there is another restaurant called DONG BA. Wouldn’t be surprised, we have the same restaurant names everywhere in China.

The restaurant is located in 296 Chapel Road South, BanksTown, which was about a 15 minute ride from my hotel.  The best part of this dish is that it’s so appetizing, that thinking about it just makes me hungry again…

Great dish for someone that did not eat anything for 3 days!!


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  1. After not eating for three days I imagine most things would taste good! That does look delicious though.

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