I really need to write down the name of the places right after I visit it…because I can’t remember the names a month later!  Had to search around for almost 15 minutes just trying to see what this place is called…and yes I did find success at the Seopjikoji Hill!


It’s a hill, evidently.  But this hill gives you a super good coastal view of the ocean, and of Jeju Island.  We stayed near the airport, and the car ride took about 45 minutes.  So I guess it’s kind of far.  Although I recommend you get a taxi or rent a car.  There’s no public transportation here.

Or at least I didn’t see it.

This place is absolutely free, so there is no reason why you should not visit.  Take a lottt of photos here please, because you will be staring at those pictures when you are back home.  And you will want to go on another vacation =p

The walkaway was pretty straightforward, just keeping walking up.  If you walk all the way to the end you will get to a black sand beach.  More information can be found in the official Korean Tourism website:

we were lucky in that it was such a gorgeous day in Jeju =)


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