Hong Kong


I recently changed jobs and am now working in TST.

But what exactly is there to eat in TST?  I have no idea. All I know is that everything is super expensive here, which is not good for me as I am trying to save money. But whatever. What can you do about it.

All you can do is find some good food, and enjoy! So on this particular day, I found this burger place called “Burger Room”. Room of burgers? Sure why not!

Sat down and saw that no one was there. Err….first red light?

But there must be something good about this place if they are able to survive in a rent expensive area such as TST.  So let’s not jump to conclusions. Order the mushroom beef burger because I wanted some mushrooms in my diet. Some veggies yo.

After about 10 minutes my shit came…

and man it was MASSIVE.




Presentation wise, it’s not too shabby. Looks pretty good.

Quality wise? err I have some reservations. They include:

  • Patty was not juicy enough
  • Bun was too huge

Actually those are my only complaints. I guess for Hong Kong standards it ain’t too bad.

Until I realized I paid 100HKD for this shit. Damn yo!

I did get the combo which included drinks and fries, but still I don’t think it was a good bang for your buck if you consider the quality. Size wise you definitely will get full.

But quality or quantity?

Actually I prefer quantity hahahaha. So this is pretty stupid for me to critique the quality aspect of the meal. Whatever, fuck it!

I doubt I will come back for lunch.

But happy hour? Might give that a try sometime.

Empty as f*ck
Entrance of the restaurant
Le Menu

Another picture of le burger

The menu

Written from Hong Kong, Home on August 3, 2017


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