So….as mentioned in many of my recent Korea posts, I am running out of things to do in Seoul.  Desperate to not stay in on Saturday night I took the initiative to see what shows / things we can do on a cold Saturday Night.

Googled “shows to see in Seoul”.

The first thing that popped up was a show called “Nanta”.  I was like Nanta? The hell is that? Why does that even mean? Then I saw it was located in Myeongdong which is a 5 minute walk from my hotel so I said yes let’s do it.


Upon closer inspection Nanta is actually a big deal, having performed in over 52 countries (including Broadway).  I’ve never performed in Broadway so these actors / actresses must be really talented (no shit asshole).

I Don’t know Korean.  You know that.  But no worries, this comedy show is non verbal meaning they don’t talk, they just tell the jokes through action.

The synopsis is that three chefs have to prepare a last minute wedding reception, and they have to deal with the boss’s nephew.  They are suppose to teach him how to cook.

The show was FUCKING good.  Definitely recommend anyone coming to Korea to watch it.  I believe there are three theaters in Seoul that stages this show, and the one I went to is of course Myeongdong.  The show itself was funny, but what was even more impressive was that they were actually cooking on stage.

They used their pots and pans as instruments, and trust me the songs they will play will make you want to dance

Okay maybe not.  But it’s definitely one of the better shows I have watched.  Link is as follows:

Oh, and the lone female actress is damn hot.

Written from Seoul, Westin on January 24, 2016


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