So…Apparently this restaurant called “Rui Fu Yuan” is one of the best Shanghai restaurants, in Shanghai.

I DON’T KNOW about that… wasn’t terrible.  But it was like mind blowing like Oh My Gosh I need to come back again because it’s so damn delicious.  It was not so damn delicious.



This was the veggies.  It did not look good.  Taste wise it was better than it’s ugly ass self.  Anyways.

Personally I do not crave nor like Shanghai food.  Too sweet, too oily for my taste.  The too oily part is probably applicable to all of China.

It’s like oil is free in China.  Jeez people, just lay off on the oil will you? It’s killing me here.  The restaurant was pretty empty when we got here….so I was really skeptical of the food.


And yes, we ordered shrimp, veggies, some fatty meat and a fish soup.  The fish soup okay fine I give it a damn delicious rating.  Everything else, meh.  Not my thing.  No thanks.  Not coming back here.


This was the fish soup with wonton.  This was the only good dish.

Rui Fu Yuan ( has been around for almost two decades, that’s a pretty long ass time for such a shitty restaurant.

I am getting mad now, because after I ate their food I got really sick.  My stomach is made of glass to begin with, but man that shit was so fat and oily that I just wasn’t digesting shit.  Not coming back again.  Sorry.

Maybe you had a different experience.  But fuck it.  I don’t care.

Shrimp dish.  Sure whatever.


Told you.  This place was mad empty.  It was 730 by the way.

Written from Shanghai, Renaissance on April 12 2016


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