Tips when riding the MTR!

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How do you get on the MTR in Hong Kong when it’s rush hour?  Simple, you have to be aggressive!! As a frequent rider on the MTR during rush hour, I want to share some of my not so serious tips for you.

Science has taught us that a physical structure has its limit, and that it can only contain a fixed volume of substance.  In this case, the MTR train itself is the physical structure that can only hold so many people.  So when that happens, how do you still get into the train?  Well let me tell you how.  You push yourself in.  And don’t worry if you are not strong enough, because the crowd behind you will be pushing as well therefore you are just riding a wave, just like a surfer =)


Want to be more stealth in getting to the train?  Well there is  away!  First, what you need to do is pretend you are lining up for the coming train.  Be calm.  Be casual.  Once the doors open, quickly and swiftly move in front of the people in front of you.  I recommend sliding in from the side as there will be less obstacle to go through.  What you need to look out for is other stealth MTR Ninja’s that may want to take your spot as well.  You have been warned.


Finally, keep this rule of thumb in mind.  In the MTR during rush hour, you can only get in, you can not get out.  This a rule that all Hong Kong people abide by.  And what I mean is, if you are already in the train and you want to get out, GOOD LUCK!  There is no concept of letting people out first.  No, you just need to get in the train as fast as possible.  The other people will find their way.  Trust me.  Do not even bother letting people out because the people behind you will just use the stealth moves I explained above.



Jokes aside,   MTR is one of the best transit systems in this world.  It’s usually on time, it’s clean, it’s air conditioned and your phone is connected even underground.  Trust me, I’ve experienced much worse transits (ahem TTC in Toronto).  But like all transit systems, it’s always a pain trying to get on during the rush hour.

Let’s try to be peaceful during rush hour!


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